Lister plugin for Total Commander
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View any files of syntax highlighted

Advanced viewer
plugin that allows to
view and edit
any plain text files
with syntax highlighting
HTMP, PHP, Perl, C, etc.

You may create your own
edit any plain text files
highlighting schemes
for any types of files.
Supports Unicode,
and DOS character sets.
Autodetect character sets.
Internal modules support.

Export to HTML, RTF and copy to clipboard
Export to HTML and RTF.
And many more...

Download last update:
Download page SynPlus 2.7.3 Lister plugin for TOTAL COMMANDER

Download page Delphi internal module sample
Download page Download modules


[+] Much small changes, accompaniments and corrections
[+] Copying in Unicode
[+] Extended possibilities of the choice settings folder
[-] Much bugfixes (SPlusEditStart.exe)
[-] Bugfix with absence of the focus

[+] Indication for not saved to file changes( EDITOR* )
[+] Restriction of the size of the possible size of the viewed file
[+] Much small changes, accompaniments and corrections :)
[+] Checking for presence "zero" symbol (0x0) in medium of the file (enable in settings, page "File")
[*] Temporary disabled lister-menu modification
[-] Bugfix with highlight schemes
[-] Much small corrections
[+] Marking searching results
[-] Bugfix with closing highlighter settings on Escape
[-] Bugfix with spare line in highlight schemes list
[-] Under unrolled editor context menu fell out on three elements below
[-] Point menu "Up to one level" did not work for keywords
[-] In Win98 was a mistake at opening highlight schemes with style
[-] Marketed point menu "buttons of the closing" in context menu headline section of the editor
[-] Bugfix with searching(F3, F5, F7)
[-] Bugfix with focus lost
[-] Bugfix with Ctrl+TAB switching between file
[-] Bugfix with bookmark clear (information about bookmark not updated)
[*] Renovation API modules - an extended possibilities. The Old modules will work without problems.
[*] Bugfix with "Apply" button in highlighters editor
[*] Bugfix with use Del key in highlighters editor
[+] Possibility of the boot color adjustment from external CLR-file (while that much bugs)
[+] Panels instrument settings
[*] Changed modules interfaces (the old modules do not work, renovations possible to find here:
[-] Bugfix with SPlusEditStart vw in9X/ME
[-] Much small corrections

[+] Multidocument mode

[-] Bugfix of the focus lost under open schemes editor
[-] Bugfix with start schemes settings through run_hglsett.bat
[+] Support of the automatic plugin installation (only for Total Commander 6.5 and above)
[+] Support miniatures view mode (for Total Commander 6.5 only and above)
[+] Under quick viewing automatically (option) escape:
- a status line
- a panel instrument
- favourites/history/navigation
[-] Bugfix to save cursor positions in bookmark
[+] Added main menu
[-] Bugfix with return the focus when closing

[-] Bugfix with USERPROFILE DIR under 9
[-] Bugfix at export in HTML
[-] Bugfix conservations WordWrap
[+] Choice of the location of the files of the adjustment
[-] Panel characteristic editor
[*] Small change and corrections
[+] Possibility of the disable recode symbol (is changed only font)
[+] Lister menu modification
[+] New modules
[*] Small change and corrections
[+] Viewing the semigraphics (charset menu)
[+] Choice of the font for each charset
[+] Calling the modules on hot key
[+] Indication symbol code mode (before or after the cursor)
[*] Choice the colour of the highlighting of the active line
[*] Remade work with bookmark
[*] Small change and corrections
[+] Added multifunctional contex menus for rools. There are such menu-items:
* Up to one level
* Cut (NEW!)
* Copy (NEW!)
* Paste inside (NEW!)
* Paste in front of (NEW!)
* Paste and replace (NEW!)
* Load from file (NEW!)
* Save to file (NEW!)
* Add rule
* Rename
* Delete
* Info about highlighter (NEW!)
[+] Added button Apply in Scheme editor
[+] Added contex menu for Sample memo in Scheme editor
[*] Changed HGL file format
[*] Changed translate file format
[*] Fixed bug with choosing styles Underline and Italic
[*] Include converters in component
[*] Added icon for form of Scheme editor
[-] Bugfix in highlight adjustment
[-] Bugfix in context menu
[+] Added converter for EditPlus and UltraEdit files
[+] Possibility added of the switching off the parsing rules
[*] Increased velocity of the highlighting boot more then in 2 times
[*] Completely transcribed mechanism of the highlighting boot

[-] Bugfix with adjusting the points menu
[-] Bugfix with headline Unicode files
- an output "??" at the beginning initially file
- a writing the headline at conservation
[-] Bugfix with headline UTF8 files
- a writing the headline at conservation
[-] Bugfix with headline saving files with attribute "hidden" and "only for reading".
[+] Highlighting of the active line
[+] Choice of the highlighting colour

[*] "SynPlus image" module update
[+] Added module "Lines sorter"
[+] Added reference to plugin home page (adjustment dialogue)

!!!!! On home page example module on Delphi !!!!!
[-] Bugfix when closing SPlusEditStart (save changes without acknowledgement)
[-] Bugfix with lost of the focus in SPlusEditStart
[+] Indication code of the symbol after cursor (HEX/DEC)
[-] Bugfix with show/hide cursor
[+] Unhooking the forced show plugin
[+] Prohibition of the viewing PE (EXE, DLL) files
[+] Print
[*] Is Changed autodetect UTF8 algorithm
[+] Support internal modules
[-] Bugfixs


[+] Transition to given to line
[+] Support Drag and drop (add to "Favorites","bookmarks", opening of the files)
[+] Information on amount selected symbol
[+] Save/restore parameter searching
[+] Circular searching
[-] Bugfixs (as usually) again much



[+] Possibility of the use SynPlus as independent from Total Commander editor (SPlusEditStart.exe)
[+] Toolbar adjustment
[+] Extended contextual menu (new commands are added)
[+] Forced call plugin (point 4 in lister menu)
[-] Bugfix with focus at searching
[-] Bugfix with with Message("273") :)))
[-] Bugfixs (as usually) again much :)))


2.0 final

[+] Added possibility range only first line
[+] Added possibility to use the system colour (clWindow, clBtnFace,...) for colour of the rules
[+] Added possibility highlighting keywords in any place of the text (while that works not quite as it is necessary)
[*] Little are changed interface adjustment and are some bugfixes

[+] Adjustment "hotkeys"
[+] Export to HTML
- To file
- To clipboard
[+] Export to RTF
- To file
- To clipboard
[+] Choice mode of the text highlighting
[+] Navigation panel
- Bookmark control
- Quick search
[+] Search/replace text (optional)
- Search text
- Search for with use the regular expressions
- Replace the text
[+] Transition TC in directory of the chosenned file (context menu in panel "History of the files" and "Elected")
[+] Ikonki in context menu [+] Image official symbol (optional)
[*] Contex menu
[-] Bugfix when switching WordWrap in greater files
[-] Corrected/improved work with bookmark
[-] Bugfixs (as usually) again much :)))

2.0 beta 4

[+] Small change
[+] Added possibility of keeping in one highlight file several color schemes
[+] Made correct work with colour by default (parental colour)
[+] Changed translations
[+] Added support of the date of the last renovation of the highlight file
[+] Mode "Over all windows"
[+] Change the coding of the text
[+] Panel instrument
- New file
- Open
- Save
- Save as
- Reread
- Print (until works)
- ut, copy, insert
- Undo, Redo
- Searching
- Coding of the text
- Change the coding of the text
- Mode "Stay on top"
[+] Panel "History of the files"
- Conservation to positions of the cursor
- Automatic removing "old" records
[+] Panel "Favorites"
[+] Conservation/reconstruction to positions of the cursor
[+] Use plugin as text editor for Total Commander
[-] Position of the cursor when switching the mode WordWrap
[-] Bugfixs (as usually) again much